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Installation Options (Network or Local Installation)

When you download the Hurricane.Zip file, you will find a single file inside the ZIP named hurricane-#.#.#-setup.exe (where #.#.# is the version number)

Note: This "installer" serves only two functions

  • It copies all relevant files to the destination you specify and
  • Creates all required shortcuts in your Start menu. (It DOES NOT install any system files or make changes to your system)

    To Install Hurricane
    Step #1 - Extract and double-click on the hurricane-#.#.#-setup.exe file to launch the installation process.

    Step #2 - Following the prompts, you will be able to choose where to put the Hurricane installation.
    Because of the way Hurricane is designed, you can specify ANY directory, Local, Network or Shared. You can even install it on a USB Flash Drive

    Note: Once Hurricane is "installed", only the PC which performed the installation will have the shortcuts created in the Start menu.

    Step #3 - All other PC's need to have a shortcut created, pointing to the hurricane.exe file on the Shared Drive/Network Server.

    The benefits of installing to a Shared or Network Drive over a Local installation:
    1) Everyone will have access to the same Scripts, FileLists, Favorites.
    2) Managing licenses becomes simplified, as you can use a single instance of the Admin Tool to view all license keys and demo users.
    3) When it's time to upgrade, you only have to upgrade a single location.

    Note: Once Hurricane is installed, it's folder (and contents) can be moved to any other location without the need to uninstall and re-install.

    Please see the Licensing Methods to learn about the many options for authorizing Hurricane in your office.

    Tip: If you choose to install to a Shared Drive or Network Server, ensure that others have write access to the root "Hurricane" directory and all it's sub directories.

    The very first time the hurricane.exe is run from each of the different PC's, the main executable and support files will be extracted in real-time (unless they have already been extracted from a previous run), and a check is made to ensure the PC has installed the correct drawing viewer OCX, if it is not installed it will be copied over and registered.

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