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What version of AutoCAD do I need?

Hurricane works with ANY version of AutoCAD which supports scripting.

(i.e. AutoCAD 2000 and newer)

Is compatible with Architectural Desktop, Mechanical Desktop etc... and Hurricane is LT compatible (with some restrictions).

NOTE: AutoCAD LT users should take advantage of their ability to use SCRIPTS as a form of automation, as they do not have the ability to run lisp routines. Also see... AutoCAD LT won't run lisp... BUT...

Although Hurricane will work with older versions of AutoCAD, it is not covered in our documentation. If you wish to use Hurricane with AutoCAD v13 or under please consult us so we can assist you. Please contact Support.

If you would like to try Hurricane with a version of AutoCAD NOT listed above, feel free to do so. It won't harm your AutoCAD setup to give it a try.

Remember, Hurricane just generates a script file that AutoCAD runs. So, if AutoCAD can't understand the script, it just won't run it.

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