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What is the Admin Tool?

The "Admin Tool" is a small utility that comes with Hurricane (accessible either through the Windows START menu or by launching it directly from the KEYS directory)

It is used to "retrieve" your serial numbers, making it easier to manage everything.

It is most useful when used on a Network installation where multiple users are accessing the same Hurricane executable, as it allows you to:

1) See WHO has run Hurricane from the network drive, and is in DEMO mode (and needs/wants to be licensed).

2) See WHO is licensed.

3) Retrieve multiple serial numbers from your system, to easily manage your Hurricane users.

4) Count the number of Licensed Users.

5) Put users of your choice into "Simple Mode", which removes the ability for them to directly edit a script. This is for administrators who want to create scripts that are FINALIZED and everyone will use.

(See "Simple Mode" Explained)
(See What is a .simple file?)

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