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License to USB Flash Drive

Hurricane can be run from, and licensed to, a USB Flash Drive, and once the drive is removed from the PC, so is Hurricane.

+This can be convenient for contractors that want to use Hurricane on several different PC's while not actually installing Hurricane on a clients PC.

+You can carry your USB Drive with you, and always have Hurricane available to be "plugged-in" at a moments notice.

+Never have to worry about your license KEY.

-If you lose/damage your USB Flash Drive, you lose Hurricane (anyone who aquires your USB drive will be able to plug it into their machine, and have fully licensed Hurricane).

To use this method of Licensing:
1) Insert a USB Flash Drive into your PC.

2) Download Hurricane and run the setup program. When asked for a location to install Hurricane to, specify an appropriate directory on the USB Flash Drive.

3) Once Hurricane is executed from the USB Flash Drive, it will sense this, and allow you to 'lock' the installation to the USB Flash Drive. To do this, go to the "Help->Serial Number & Unlock Code" menu, and select "License to USB Flash Drive" from the list of available options. (It should NOT be greyed out like the screenshot below).

4) Click on "Get .DMO File" to isolate your DMO file.

5) Once you select one of the Registration Services, and complete payment, please make sure to send us the ".DMO" file. (If you forget to send it, you will receive an e-mail requesting it).

6) We will return a "KEY" file, which you will place in your /KEYS/ directory (on the USB Flash Drive), and that drive will now run Hurricane forever.

IMPORTANT - Before selecting the USB licensing option you must FIRST make sure your USB Flash drive is COMPATIBLE. Do this by following the above steps (1 through 5). If you see a serial number, then the USB Flash drive is compatible, if you don't see a serial number, then that USB Flash drive is NOT compatible. You will need to source yourself another USB Flash drive.

Please remember your KEY files are unique, and are tied to the 'fingerprint' of your USB Flash Drive. We are not responsible if you should lose or break your USB Flash Drive. The KEY will work for the life of the drive. If you kill your drive, Hurricane dies along with it.

NOTE: Any time you plug your USB Flash Drive into a new computer, and wish to activate Hurricane, you must launch Hurricane and go to the "Help->Serial Number and Unlock Code" screen, and SELECT "License to USB Flash Drive", and click "Close". Once you restart Hurricane, it will become activated on the new PC. You will only need to do this once per PC, as the licensing method will be stored in that computers registry. If at a later time you wish to license Hurricane to the PC, simply install Hurricane to the local PC, and go to the "Help->Serial Number and Unlock Code" screen, and select the method of licensing you wish to use... then return the .DMO file to us.

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