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Hurricane Setup - What do I do first?

Once you install Hurricane and run it, make sure to set up the OPTIONS. Do this by selecting the Tools-->Options menu in Hurricane.

Please see the following Hurricane Setup Presentation, or continue below.

The most important settings are
2)"AutoCAD Executable Location" and
3)"Hurricane Output Script Output Location"

(Note: You can leave the Switches/Parameters and Alternate Batch Script Output blank)

Also, look over the PREFS tab, and select any options you require.

"Show Drawing Preview Window when program starts Option - You may want the Drawing Preview window to automatically appear when Hurricane Starts... (Recommended setting is checked)

"Auto-minimize on creation of a batch script Option - Also, power users may want Hurricane to Auto-Minimize as soon as a script is created, this should save you yet another 2 seconds, as you won't have to ALT-TAB back to AutoCAD to run the script, if AutoCAD is your underlying application, then it will become focused. (Recommended setting is UNchecked (for beginners))

"Launch Script in Text Editor when Created" Option - When you create a script, you may want to take a look at it's contents as soon as you click the "Create" button. (Recommended setting is checked)

"Delay Value" - Setting - Allows you to specify a DELAY time in milliseconds that is automatically inserted in the script when the "Delay" Checkbox is selected.

"Automatically Add Directory Names to Recent Folders List" Option - Hurricane has the ability to "remember" where you selected files from... (don't you hate having to HUNT for the same files and directories all day long!?) With this option checked, the directories of the files you generate a script with are automatically added to the "Recent Folders" list. If you ever want to hunt down that job you did but was buried in 20 subdirectories, then you should leave this checked. (Recommended setting is checked)

"Display Script Syntax Warnings" Option - Does a basic scan of the script for double-spaces, and empty lines that have spaces on them (which would be hard to notice unless you were looking for them) (Recommended setting is checked)

Make sure you press "OK" to save your changes.

If you are done setting up Hurricane, why not check out the rest of the FAQ to learn how to use Hurricane and it's time-saving features?

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