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Licensing Options

Hurricane is designed to be flexible in many ways. There are a couple of options when licensing Hurricane.

1) License to the USER - With this method the Serial Number is generated based on the USERS identification, NOT the computers identification. The user is free to change PC's, hardware etc, and as long as the user is logged into Windows, then their Serial Number and Unlock code combination will function.
(See What is my UserName?)
Please Note: We will not release Unlock Codes for "generic" login names like "administrator", "user", "guest", "anybody", "winuser" etc...

2) License to the PC - With this method, the Serial Number is generated based on the PC's Identification, NOT the user. Once registered, ANY user can run Hurricane locally from the registered PC. You are still free to make hardware upgrades to the PC. Note: If you re-install the OS, you will have to make sure that your Network Identification is the same as previously specified, or Hurricane will not unlock.
(See What is my Computer ID?)
Please Note: We will not release Unlock Codes for "generic" computer names like "Win2KBox", "UserPC", "MyPC", etc...

3) License to Removable Media (USB Flash Drive) - With this method Hurricane is locked to the physical USB drive. You can move Hurricane from computer to computer by physically moving the USB drive. Hurricane runs directly from the USB drive. Once registered to the drive, the drive is permanently registered to run Hurricane (unless you reformat the drive).
(See License to USB Flash Drive)

4) License to Domain - Have Hurricane run on your servers WITHOUT the need for managing KEYS, or pushing updates/licenses.
This is the ideal solution for large corporations. Please contact us for more information.

When installing to a Network installation, your users will be able to use methods 1 & 2 above (any combination of which) to authorize their seat.
In other words, you could have 10 license installation; with 7 licensed to username, and 3 licensed to the PC's. The 7 users would be able to exchange/share PC's (move around the office), and the 3 licenses to PC's would remain stationary (ie. dedicated plotter PC's)

Also, please see Admin Tool for easy management of user registrations. (See What is a ".DMO" file?)

Using the Admin Tool, you can restrict each Hurricane interface to Simple Mode, for preventing some users from editing scripts. This way you can have some users in "admin" mode, that can edit/administer the scripts, and you can have some users in "Simple" mode, where they can only run them, but not edit them.

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