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What is a ".DMO" file?

If you look inside your "C:/Program Files/Hurricane/KEYS" directory (or wherever you put Hurricane, such as a network drive) you will notice that after you have run Hurricane (at least once), there will be at least one file with a ".DMO" extension.

The filename will be a series of numbers, i.e. - #######.DMO

This file is your Personal Serial Number. It was generated based on your Network User Name (default), or can be changed to be based on your Computers Network ID.

You MAY DELETE these files at any time, as they will be recreated each time you restart Hurricane.

The DMO and SN files are used only by the Admin Tool to list all the active Hurricane users serial numbers as either still being in DEMO Mode, or being registered.

The Admin Tool looks in the directory it was launched from and lists all DMO files in the DEMO or "UnRegistered Serial Numbers" list, and lists all .SN files in the "Registered Serial Numbers" list. (See What is a ".SN" file?)

This allows you to easily see how many, and who is licensed and unlincensed.

Note: You will only see multile DMO and SN files if you are running Hurricane in a Network configuration.

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