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How the licensing works

When Hurricane is run for the first time, it generates a serial number based on the current users information (Default). This serial number is viewable from the "Help -> Serial Number & Unlock Code" menus.

Please select the method you wish to use to license Hurricane. This serial number is specific to your installation option (User or Machine)(If licensing to USB Flash Drive please click here.

If you feel your company has a lot of staff "turnover", then please consider licensing to the "Machine" or "USB Flash Drive". This way, your employees can come and go, and your license is tied to your Network ID, or "USB Flash Drive", rather than their UserName.

In all cases:
A ".DMO" file is generated based on your serial number.
The format of the file is [serial number].DMO.

If you select "License to the Machine", then your DMO file will have the format [serial number]-PC.DMO.

If you select "License to USB Flash Drive", then your DMO file will have the format [serial number]-USB.DMO.

This is YOUR serial number. When you wish to purchase Hurricane, provide this serial number (DMO File) and you will be returned a KEY file. Your generated KEY file, when placed in the /KEYS/ directory will ACTIVATE the full version of Hurricane.

If purchasing multiple seats of Hurricane please retrieve the serial numbers (DMO files) from each seat you wish to license. The serial number will be different depending on which option you choose (License to USER/PC/USB Flash Drive).

Also, see Network Installation, and the Administrator Tool to retrieve multiple serial numbers (DMO files), or simply press the "Get .DMO file" button to open the /KEYS/ directory where the DMO(s) are stored.

Please make sure you read the license agreement at Hurricane License Agreement.

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