Tornado Batch Script Generator for AutoCAD

The power of Hurricane,
with flexible/portable licensing.
(Requires .NET Framework)

Tornado - Batch Script Generator for AutoCAD

Monthly license, for one low cost.
Add, Remove, Move & Manage your seats as often as you like
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Price Guarantee - Your rate will always be 'grandfathered' moving forward, or reduced (if the price goes down) as long as you maintain your subscription!


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Portable Seat
  • Local or Network installable, just about anywhere.
    No dll's, No ads, No baggage.

  • SAFE - Does NOT make changes to your AutoCAD installation (like most other software)

  • Everything functions similarly to Hurricane Standard, so the tutorials and FAQ mostly still apply. If you have any questions, contact us for a quick response!
  • Please see the FEATURE COMPARISON chart to show the differences between Hurricane Standard (v7), and Tornado. Notably the TAGS.

  • Start/Stop subscriptions at anytime.

  • Move/Transfer your seats anytime!

  • Enterprise Licensing is easy!
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    How do I subscribe to Tornado?

  • Choose one of the payment/subscription-plans above. You will be directed to ShareIt!, a division of Digital River, our payment processor.
  • On the ShareIt! page: Select the number of Hurricane Seats you need.
  • After your first payment is processed, you will be e-mailed an Activation KEY that you provide to your end-users.
  • Your end-users will go to the Help->License->Activate PC, and enter the Activation KEY. Your installations will periodically check back to our servers to ensure the Authorization code is valid.

  • If you need to move a seat to a new location: Select Help->License->Deactivate this PC. Your unused seat will be automatically added back to your Authorization Codes pool. Install/Start Tornado on your new PC, and Select Help->License->Activate this PC and enter your license information. The new seat will be activated immediately.

  • Updates are semi-automatic (user will have choice to download and install updates.

  • Subscriptions will continue until you cancel. (* - Once cancelled, your license will continue to function until your next renewal date, at which time your subscription simply won't renew)

  • Please contact us to cancel or change your quantities at any time.

    If the above does not meet your companies specific needs, we can accommodate most situations. Please contact us for your specific site licensing requirements.

    Please note: Your Credit card information does not come to us.
    We only receive a confirmation of the quantity and type of licenses purchased, your e-mail address, your name, and phone number.

    If you have any questions or concerns regarding your registration or privacy, please contact us.


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