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1 minute setup
Step-by-Step, "how to" configure Hurricane Batch Script Generator for AutoCAD.
Title-Block Update Wizard - Part 1
Step-by-Step procedure on "how to use" Hurricanes TitleBlock Update Wizard.
How to send us the .DMO file
This presentation walks you through retrieving the .DMO file, and sending it to us. Licensing methods are also outlined.
How to use Hurricane in 3 steps

Simple "walk-through" of
1) Selecting Files
2) Selecting User Script, and
3) click "Create and Run".
Title-Block Update Wizard
& Renamer - Part2

How to use the Title-Block Update Wizard and Hurricanes built-in "File Renamer", showing a "file collision", and a quick workaround.

How to Reset User License file (for USB)
If you want to register your KEY for a USB Flash drive, you will need to retrieve the serial number for the USB Flash Drive. How can you do this if you already have a registered version of Hurricane on that PC? You need to reset the user license file, so you can generate a serial number on the USB Flash drive. This video shows you how easy it is.

Create and Run a Simple Batch Script
Explains, with a little more detail of each of the steps, some of the other features involved, the basic process of selecting files and scripts, and pressing "Create and Run". Shows a couple of settings, and options along the way.
All Hurricane TAGs
Here is a quick introduction to Hurricane's TAGS. Each TAG is added to a dummy UserScript, and the resultant "batch script" output is compared to the UserScript side by side. This shows the output of each dynamic TAG.


Network Installation
Step-by-Step, "benefits" and "how to" of Hurricane Network Installation for MultiUser use. The Admin-Tools functionality is also reviewed.

Explorer and Refreshing the File List Box
Shows how you need to refresh the File List Box by clicking the border of the list, the "Explore" button, and the requirement to "validate" the Queue.

An "in-depth" presentation into the "guts" of Hurricane, and how the options in the SETTINGS Tab can effect the output of a script, especially using the PREUSERSCRIPT commands to force commonly used commands/settings onto your scripts.
Drag and Drop
Explains the basic process of "drag and drop" navigation between Windows Explorer and Hurricane


Sorting the Queue, Reordering files
Reversing the sort order in case your printer needs to print last-file-first. Manually adjusting the position of files in the Queue, and checking out the Options where the AutoSort settings are located.

  Search and Replace Text and intro to TAGS
Explains basic Wizard operation, and a script that loads a lisp, and runs it, providing all response prompts to the lisp. The $SHEET$ TAG is included to introduce the user to TAGS, with a step-by-step "slow-motion" explanation of what is going on inside of AutoCAD as the script runs.

Combine Text Files (Attribute Extraction)
Explains operation of the "Combine Text Files" feature, and how to enable the command. If you use the EATTEXT command, you will find that AutoCAD generates a separate file for each drawing. This feature combines all these CSV files for use in Excel.


HURRICANE™ Batch Script Generator for AutoCAD
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