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Project TAGS

Project TAGS are an advanced feature. They take the concept of "STATIC TAGS" to a new level, by allowing you to define STATIC TAGS on a Project by Project basis (defined by the DIRECTORY that the Project resides in) This works especially well when you have Hurricane in SIMPLE MODE.

In other words, if you had two projects, one in N:\Project1\ and another in N:\Project2\, you could define a set of TAGS for each project with the SAME names, in the SAME scripts, and they would automatically be substituted into each project depending on which directory the project was defined in.

You can access the Project Tags Setup screen by selecting it from the TOOLS menu

Once selected the Projec TAG Manager Setup screen appears.

In the example above, you may wish to define your "Associated Path" as ?:\Project1\ rather than N:\Project1\ as each user using the script may have the drive mapped to a different letter.

You can make certian projects "Active" or "Inactive", depending on how thoroughly you wish Hurricane to search through the Project data files to try to find a match when compiling a script.

Once a PRJ file is defined (along with the Associated path, and respective $PROJECTDATA#$ TAGS), you only have to add the $PROJECTDATA#$ TAGS to your user script to have them function.

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