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Static TAGS

Hurricane has 40 user definable STATIC Tags as well as Dynamic TAGS and Project TAGS.

You can place these TAGS anywhere in the Hurricane script, and once compiled, the $TAG#$ will be substituted with whatever text you have defined in the Setup Screen (shown below).

The benefits of using STATIC TAGS in your scripts enable you to have CONSTANT data between your scripts. In other words, if you had several scripts, each of which contained the same Customer Name text, you could replace the Customer Name with a STATIC TAG. Then when your Customer Name changes, you don't have to edit several user scripts, you just edit the TAG reference.

All user scripts will update automatically each time they are used.

Here is the Static Tags Setup Screen which is accessible by either clicking on the "TOOLS->User Tag Manager" menu, or by clicking the "Editor" Button, and then clicking on the "SETUP" button beside the "Dynamic and Static" TAGS buttons.

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