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MetaCommands allow the user some control over Hurricanes application settings (The Hurricane Interface)

By adding certain MetaCommands (commands that are invisible to AutoCAD because they are considered remarks in a normal script, denoted by the line starting with the ";" character)

Basically, the way a MetaCommand works, is that by adding certain "commands" to your script, by "hiding" them as a remark in your AutoCAD script, make it possible for you to control the way Hurricane behaves.

The format of the META Commands is quite simple. The first half is the Screen Element (Control) that you wish to set, and the second half (after the equal sign) is what you would like to set it to.

Screen Elements can be set True, False, or (in the case of a text box) to a TEXT string.

By adding the remark:


Will set the SAVEAS checkbox (on the main screen) to be UNCHECKED
;SAVEAS=TRUE Will set the SAVEAS checkbox (on the main screen) to be CHECKED.

;SAVEAS.PREFIX="" (On the SAVEAS Tab) Will set the drawing prefix to whatever is contained in the quotes. example ;SAVEAS.PREFIX="REV2="

;TAGS.TEMPLATE="" Loads a particular Tag Template file (case sensitive)
;SORT.AUTO Sorts the Queue to the setting in Options->GUI->AutoSort

Note that these commands are invisible to AutoCAD (because they are part of a commented line), and only Hurricane pays them attention.

More MetaCommands as you need them....

Feel free to suggest a MetaCommand to be added...

Tip: Use META-Commands in conjunction with Simple Mode for user/admin network scenarios.

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