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AutoCAD Setup - Running a Script

There are a few ways to run a script generated with Hurricane.

1) Hurricane can launch a new session of AutoCAD and run the script all in one step (by pressing the "CREATE AND RUN" button) (Assuming the user has properly SETUP Hurricane)

2) If you would like to add the toolbar buttons to AutoCAD to launch the Hurricane script, included with Hurricane in the /Hurricane/MENU/ directory:


3) Copy these to your AutoCAD/SUPPORT directory

4) Using the MENULOAD command, install the mnu file. Simply clicking the Hurricane button will invoke the last script generated by Hurricane. Please see your Help file for more detailed instructions if you wish to use this.


You should see the HURRICANE name in the MENU GROUPS, and the Hurricane ToolBar should show up in your AutoCAD session.

Click this toolbar AFTER you have created a Hurricane Batch Script to run it.

5) The least popular method is to manually run a script by either selecting "Run Script..." from the Tools menu (in AutoCAD), or by typing "script" at the AutoCAD command prompt, where you will be presented with a file-selector, then navigate to the AutoCAD/SUPPORT/ folder and select the "hurricane.scr" file to run it.

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