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Setup AutoCAD 2000 (and higher) - SDI system variable

Please note the new system variable "SDI"

SDI stands for "Single Document Interface"

By default AutoCAD 2000 and up are set to MDI (Multiple Document Interface, whereby you can open more than one drawing at a time)

As AutoCAD version 2000 introduced the ability to have several drawings open at once, AutoDesk included the system variable to enable/disable this ability.

If using AutoCAD 2000/(i)/LT, it is recommended that you set SDI to 1. (You don't have to, but you may see some performance issues with AutoCAD)

If you have SDI set to 0, then when you start a batch script created with Hurricane, you will end up opening ALL the files simultaneously that you are attempting to process, rather than opening one at a time.

You can put the SDI 1 system variable in the "SETUP" tabs "PREBATCH COMMAND" field, and SDI 0 in the "SETUP" tabs "POSTBATCH COMMAND" field. See How do I configure the SETTINGS Tab for more information.

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