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How do I contact support?

Before contacting support, to save yourself some time, please...

Make sure you read the help files, and you can also try the FAQ found at FAQ
(But your probably already reading it!)

The FORUM is a good place to meet-up with other Hurricane users. The updates/patches, tricks and tips are also posted there. It has a good search functionality.

Hurricane Tutorials are now available.

The website has a search functionality (off the drop-down menu on the far right), so if you are looking for something particular, you can put the keyword in the search engine and hopefully you should get some results. (This search doesn't search the FORUM)

Then please with your questions, comments or suggestions.

If you have a scripting issue/question, please include a detailed description of what is going on...

AND in a ZIP file, please include
-your user script
-your output script (hurricane.scr)
-any DWG files that are pertinant to your issues...

This should quicken the time it takes to solve your issue/question...


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