You MUST have
Framework 4.0 installed
to use WavSniper


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A Sound Sample Librarian/Cataloger/Tagger designed for Musicians,
Producers, Sound Engineers
  • WavSniper is a no-fuss time-saving utility for easy tagging, and previewing, digital sound files (wav or mp3).
  • When you are in a creative mood, nothing spoils it more than having to search through countless sub-diectories and sound file sample disks to find that perfect sound.

  • Simply scan all your sound samples on your Hard Drive with WavSniper, and it will attach appropriate TAGs to your sound files to get you started.
  • Quickly preview your samples and easily edit/attach your own TAGs to your sounds, individually, or in bulk.
  • Sound file tagging is done automatically at first, but you are free to make edits as needed.

  • How it works...
  • Sample discs usually contain countless sub-directories in an attempt to "categorize" sound files. WavSniper automatically scans those directory names (and filenames), and converts those names as TAGs (categories), it then generate a search box prefilled with the various TAGs grabbed from the file-structure.
  • This will allow you to narrow your search by searching by categorized key words, or just based on a search term.

  • Simple Interface...
  • Use the drop-down lists to filter your list...
  • Right-Click on multiple sounds to batch edit the TAGS
  • Right-Click on single sound and click "Open Explorer" and have the file highlighted.
  • Middle-Click on single sound to Drag-and-Drop it into your favourite DAW.

  • Easily manipulate the TAG exclusions, remove duplicate sounds..
  • Click on a sound file automatically previews the file (audio), and copies it's filename to the clipboard.
  • Currently supports WAV and MP3 (ID3 Tagging coming soon)...
  • More features to come!

  • WavSniper does NOT alter your sound files, nor does it reorganize them on your HDD. It simply makes finding them, and using them easier.

  • Compatible with most Digital Audio Workstation software.
  • Currently supports .WAV and .MP3
  • Free Download






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