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What is "Night Run"?

NightRun allows the user to set the "time" that Hurricane will Create and Run a batch script.

Once "NightRun" is activated, all the user must do is confirm the files in the list are the ones that should be altered, and make sure that the script to run is currently displayed.

However, when using "Night Run", the user must manually ensure that all files listed in the Queue exist and are available for editing. (They could use the "Verify" feature before envoking the NightRun feature

The "Verify" function that normally occurs when a batch script is created is DISABLED when "NightRun" is envoked. This is for obvious reasons (you wouldn't want the "file access error report" to appear at midnight when you have your batch scheduled to run and sit there all night long). Instead the processing will commence without a check, and stop if a file that does not exist is attempted to be opened. Changes made to files that are read-only, will obviously not be saved.

The user is free to edit the Queue and the user script up to the final moment in time before the timer expires.

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