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ALT+Key Listing

Hurricanes features are all tied to ALT-Key combinations. If you would rather use your keyboard than your mouse, you might find this chart useful.

There are other ALT-KEYs on the various other screens (too many to list), so when you are on a screen in Hurricane, take note of which items have a letter underlined. You can always press ALT+letter of the item you wish to highlight.

Also see How do I enable the "underscores" for alt-key navigation?

ALT+A Toggles between: Adding currently displayed directory to the "Favorites" list and Selecting the "SAVEAS" checkbox. (Press Enter after selecting)
ALT+B Opens the "Script Browser".
ALT+C Creates the "Batch Script"
ALT+D Deletes current user script.
ALT+E Opens the "Script Editor".
ALT+F Opens the "Favorites" list.
ALT+K Opens the "QuickQueue" selector.
ALT+L Opens the "FileLists" dialog
ALT+P Shows/Hides the drawing "Preview" window.
ALT+Q Opens the "QuickPick" selector.
ALT+R Creates and RUNS the "Batch Script".
ALT+S Saves current user script.
ALT+X Opens Windows Explorer into the currently displayed directory.

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