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AutoCAD Command line switches

You can use command line switches to specify certain options when AutoCAD starts.

You can set these switches in Hurricanes Options menu. (Or you can leave them blank)

For example, AutoCAD can run a script, start with a specified template drawing, and display a specified view when a drawing is opened. With command line switches, you can also set up several AutoCAD icons on your Desktop, each with different start-up options.

Valid switches are listed in the following table.


Template file name

Creates a new drawing based on a template or prototype drawing. A DWT file type is assumed.


Configuration folder

Specifies the path for the hardware configuration file that you want to use. You can specify a directory or a particular file. A CFG file type is assumed. If you don't set the /c switch, AutoCAD searches the executable directory and uses the ACADCFGW or ACADCFG environment variable as a way to define the configuration file and directory location.


View name

Designates a particular view of the drawing for display at startup of AutoCAD.


Support folders

Designates support folders other than the current folder. Support files include text fonts, menus, AutoLISP files, linetypes, and hatch patterns. The maximum number of folders you can specify in the path is 15. Each folder name is delimited by semicolons.


Default system pointing

Restores the default system pointing device. It creates a new configuration file (acad2002.cfg) and renames the previous acad2002.cfg file to acad2002.bak.


No AutoCAD logo screen

Starts AutoCAD without first displaying the logo screen.


User-defined registry profile for starting AutoCAD

Specifies a user-defined registry profile for starting AutoCAD. The selected profile is in effect only for the current session of AutoCAD, unless you make another profile current in the Options dialog box during that session.

You create or import Profiles on the Profiles tab in the Options dialog box. With the /p switch, you can only specify those profiles that are listed in the Options dialog box. If the profile does not exist, AutoCAD uses the current profile.

The syntax for using command line switches is:

"drive:pathname\acad.exe" ["drawing name"] [/switch "name"]

Note: When entering switches into the Hurricane options screen, you don't need to specify the AutoCAD Executable or Drawing Name.

When using a switch option, you must follow the switch with a space and then the name of a file, path, or view within quotation marks.

AutoCAD resolves the environment settings in the following way:

Note: Command line switches and environment variables override Options values for the current session only. They do not alter the system registry.

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