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Why is Hurricane the best scripting utility for AutoCAD?

If a utility doesn't save time, then why bother using it?

Some of the features that are not usually found in other utlities are:

  • All users current session settings will be saved on exit, and will be restored on restart. These includes all application settings. Don't waste time hunting for directories!

  • Commonly accessed directories will be memorized for easy recall by the user.

  • All files that Hurricane accesses or stores information in are readable/editable by any text editor, and can be edited while Hurricane is running. Hurricane does NOT store it's information in a database, or encrypt it in any way.

  • Hurricanes File Queue is the most flexible around, you can sort in a variety of ways, and adding and removing files is easy.

  • When creating a script, all files are checked for "Read-Only" status, and the output script is adjusted accordingly. No more stalled scripts because someone was working on a drawing.

  • You can easily "Append" user scripts together to create larger scripts. This can keep your script library organized into small chunks of specific scripts, then chain them together to perform more complicated tasks.

  • Hurricane settings are the most flexible around. You can adjust any section of the script to your particular needs. Everyone works differently, why have a utility that makes you work "it's" way.

  • Hurricane is Network installable, and the same executable can be shared with an entire office, allowing all scripts to be shared.

  • Drag and Drop files into Hurricane to add them to the File Queue, or easily change Hurricane to your Current directory in Windows Explorer.

  • With "filters" in all script selectors and file selectors, it's very easy to save even more time when trying to find what you are looking for.

  • "Drawing Preview" allows you to see the file before you add it to a script.

  • Hurricanes development follows the users needs. User comments and suggestions are taken very seriously.

  • For a complete list of features see Feature List

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