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What does Hurricane do? and why do I need it?

Hurricane is designed to SAVE YOU TIME, whereby SAVING YOU MONEY.

It does this in two ways.

1. It generates "batch" script files (for use with AutoCAD) (which allow you do perform the same tasks on as many drawings as you like). It takes care of the OPEN and SAVEing of the drawings, and stores all your user-script files for easy assembly.

2. It is a replacement file selector/organizer for AutoCAD.

If you or your company uses AutoCAD on a regular basis, and you don't have an automation utility, you probably haven't explored the amounts of time you could be saving by using a tool such as Hurricane.

Just think how many times a day you perform the same tasks on the same drawings... Just imagine doing those same changes effortlessly... the beauty with Hurricane is that the more you use it, the faster you will become, and the more scripts you will have created... as each script you create gets stored away for the next time you need it... no wasted work...

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