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The "Hurricane Preview" window doesn't work?

The Hurricane Preview window allows you to preview the drawing before adding it to the filequeue, or opening it.

More information on the Drawing Preview Window

There are a few possible that the preview window displays a grey screen (blank) when drawings are selected...

1) You are attempting to view and AutoCAD r12 file (or older), as these DWG files didn't have the drawing preview bitmap. The preview window will not work on pre-R13 drawings. If you are using an older version of AutoCAD You can turn off the drawing preview window in the Hurricane Options screen (on the Prefs tab).

2) The OCX that does the viewing on your system is not correctly being registered in your Operating System.

3) If you install other software that uses the same OCX, and that programs installer doesn't check the version of the OCX, it may install a version that is older and incompatible with Hurricane.

To correct this...
1) Make sure Hurricane is not running.
2) Search your Windows installation path for a file named DWGPREV.OCX and delete it. Your windows path may be something like "C:/WINNT/" or "C:/WINDOWS/" or similar.
3) Restart Hurricane. Your drawing preview should work now.

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