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How do I insert a block in every drawing?

To insert a block, use the INSERT command.

Here is an example:


<-AutoCAD command
*blockname <-The name of the block, (to be exploded upon insertion)
0,0 <-The insertion coordinates
1 <-The X scale factor
1 <-The Y scale factor
0 <-The rotation angle

There are a couple of extra things you should know when inserting blocks into a drawing.
1) Notice the "*" before the blockname? This causes AutoCAD to explode the block while inserting it.
3) Instead of specifying the X and Y scale factors, you can just leave an (or blank line) in the script. Any blank line (is equivalent to hitting ) accepts the default prompt in AutoCAD.

If you want to turn off the "Enter attribute values:" prompt see When I insert a block, AutoCAD keeps asking "Enter attribute values"...

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