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How do I make my drawing settings consistent?

1) When you are attempting to make your drawings consistent, you can set some system variables to make working in each drawing easier.

Below are some examples Try setting these to a known value across all your drawings using Hurricane.

OSMODE (sets your Running Object Snap settings) When you find your best Object Snap settings, just type OSMODE in AutoCAD to reveal the code that describes your settings... it will be a number between 0 and 4095.

I find that if you turn on Endpoint, Midpoint, Center, Intersection, Insertion and Perpendicular, working in a drawing becomes simpler. This translates to an OSMODE value of 231.

Here is an example script to set some drawing parameters to a known value. You can add/delete/edit this to suit your needs. OSMODE 231 SNAP ON SNAP 0.0625 ORTHO ON GRID OFF BLIPMODE OFF ZOOM E

2) Try to use the same titleblock, and if possible use attributes (tags) for the various text entities in the titleblock, or plain text. If you insert unexploded blocks, then your drawings become very difficult (but not impossible) to perform batch edits on. If you want to insert a block, make sure you "explode" it while inserting it.

Please see How do I insert a block in every drawing?

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