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Other "hidden" features

  • You can refresh any file list-box by clicking on the "frame" that surrounds the file-list box.
  • You can clear the "User-Script Filter" by double-clicking on the filter text box
  • You can change the order of single files in the file-queue by selecting the file, then using the keyboards CTRL+UP/DOWN arrow keys to move it's position in the list. (The up/down arrows alone allow you to quickly scroll through the list. If you have the preview window enabled, you can quickly preview/confirm the files you wish to work on)
  • You can press the keyboard "insert" key when you have files selected in the file selector. The file names/paths will then be moved into the queue.
  • To remove files from the queue, you can select them, then press the keyboard "delete" key.
  • In most list boxes that allow multiple items to be selected, you can use the SHIFT+CLICK method to select more than one item at a time, and CTRL+CLICK methods to select individual items independantly of the others selected.
  • To refresh any file file-list, just click on the frame surrounding the listbox you want to refresh.
  • Make sure you check out MetaCommands

  • Also, check out TAGS

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