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When I try to run a particular lisp routine, it stops with a bunch of garbage on the screen...

Sometimes there are conflicts in the naming of lisp routines. You may have two routines loaded, and each has a function called "retext". So if you attempt to run the first lisp routine, and it calls function "retext", yet the first lisp already had that function defined, then your lisps are stomping on each others memory.

This often happens when programmers run out of ideas for function names...

There are a couple of things that you can try...
Sometimes just renaming the function itself works... ie.

Change the first line "(defun c:retext ...." to something different like

"(defun c:retext21 ...", then save the lsp file as the same name "retext21.lsp"

Then load it fresh as retext21.lsp, and run it as retext21.lsp, this will ensure that there is no other routine on your system with the same name. (Unless you already have something called reptext21!!)

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