End User License Agreement


The purchaser/user agrees to the following:

  1. The distribution file of Hurricane© for AutoCAD (herein referred to as "the software") may be distributed freely over the Internet as long as the distribution files remain unmodified.

  2. By purchasing the software, the end-user is granted the right to use the software for the "lifetime" of the KEY file that was purchased.

  3. The provided "unlock code(s)" (KEY file(s)) are based on the installations serial number ("User" or "PC" License) which are bsed on the users Network Login Name, or PC Name. The serial number is tied to this name, and will function for the "life" of this name. (The user must provide 1 unique serial number for every registration code purchased. The serial numbers can be retrieved at the "Hurricane About --> Serial Number & Unlock Code" screen, before registering). The serial number can be submitted to us in the form of a "DMO" file, which contains the serial number particulars. (Enterprise/Domain license will provide 1 KEY for your entire organization).

  4. A "registration code" code (KEY) will be e-mailed to the purchaser promptly. This code will unlock the trial version of the software to enable the full, unrestricted application.

  5. The purchaser/user understands that the furnished KEY files will only work with the corresponding serial numbers provided by you, the user, at time of purchase.

  6. The KEY file(s) provided will work for the 'LIFE' of the Network Login "Username" or the Network "PC-Name", or Domain name they were purchased for. Please backup your KEY files in a safe place.
    i.e. If you wish to change/transfer/convert 'john.smith' to 'j.doe', a new KEY must be purchased for j.doe, as j.smith's KEY will always remain fully functional, whether 'john.smith' is using the KEY or not).

  7. The purchaser agrees to select the method of licensing carefully (i.e. PCName vs. UserName vs. USB), as there is no way to transfer between each type of license). Domain licenses are NOT transferrable to new Domain names.

  8. The purchaser agrees that a new license KEY's must be purchased for each unique "username" or "PCName" they wish to use. (unless a Domain license was purchased, in which case any PC under the "domain name" purchased will remain active for the life of the Domain Name)

  9. The purchaser/user agrees to test any "batch script file" generated with the software on a set of test DWG files before running a batch on the original DWG files.

  10. The purchaser/user agrees not to rent, lease, or otherwise transfer rights to the software; or remove any proprietary notices or labels on the software.

  11. The purchase/user agrees that because the software can be fully tested, by you, the end user/purchaser, prior to purchase, once a KEY is provided it cannot be revoked, hence all sales are final.

  12. The purchaser agrees that the software will only be supported on the Operating System that it was installed, tested and purchased for (testing was performed by end user/purchaser as per #11 above). There are no guarantees that your current license/installation will be supported in the event you update your OS, change Network Hardware, or any other physical or software changes you make to your system, subsequent to your installation and testing of the software at the time of purchase.

  13. The purchaser/user agrees that the software can create batch scripts that AutoCAD can run that, with normal use will cause permanent changes to your drawing files. We are not liable for any damage or unwanted changes to your files either directly or indirectly through the use of the software.

  14. The author has been developing the software for several years, and is confident in it's structure, functionality and stability.  To the best of our knowledge there are no known harmful "bugs", but upon discovery, will be corrected within a reasonable time.

  15. Support: We will provide e-mail and phone support to the best of our abilities for the duration of the 'life' of your license.

  16. We reserve the right to change these conditions at any time.

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