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What are the "Filters" for?

Think of the "filter" boxes as a place where you can type your "wildcard" entries. These will help narrow the scope of files to display in the respective windows.

There are two "filters". One is located in the drawing selector area, and the other is in the script file selector area. Both filters function in the same manner.

Filter - File Selector The drawing filter can narrow the scope of any file listed. The usual wildcards apply (* = everything, and ? for a particular character)

For instance, if you wanted to display all drawing files that began with the letter "A" then you would type a filter in such as:


Filter - Script Files
There may come after time, where you may potentially have hundreds of scripts to choose from, and would like to be able to narrow-down the list quickly. The same thing applies to the script filter as above however, you don't need a * at the beginning or end of your string. So if you want to narrow your list of scripts to just those that have the word "PLOT" in their name, then just type PLOT in the filter box. Don't forget to clear the filter after you are done, or you might wonder why your list is so small! (Note: you can clear the SCRipt Filter quickly just by double-clicking on the filter text box)

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