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File Renamer

Hurricanes built-in File Renamer allows you to rename your files in a variety of ways.

First, populate your Queue with the files you wish to rename. Then press CTRL-R or select "Tools->Utilities->File Renamer" from Hurricane's menu.

Select the method you wish to use, enter the details and press "Preview".
This will generate a list showing the output.

1) The lists are synchronized, so if you scroll down in one, the other will follow.

2) Hold you mouse over a filename in the "Before" list to show it's full path as a tool-tip.

3) DoubleClick filenames in the "After" list to manually edit the names.

When you are happy with the new names, press "Finalize It!" at the bottom, and if there are no filename conflicts, your files will be renamed.

TIP: If there are any conflicts, you may have to rename your files to an intermediate name. i.e. If you are renumbering files and find the filenames overlap with existing files, you might have to first rename them into a range of numbers outside your working range, then rename them back to the range you

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