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When I attempt to run a script I get "_.OPEN Nil" on the command line.

The above is a result of having your AutoCAD SDI (Single Document Interface) set to 0 (zero).

This means that SDI is off, and AutoCAD will not recognize the _OPEN command that is used by default.

There are a couple of solutions.

1) Enable the SDI 1 option on the SETTINGS tab.
(Note: You can press the "Use SDI on/off" default button to set it back to default)

2) Go into the Tools->Options menu, and select the Prefs Tab and select "To Load Drawings.. Other", and put "_OPEN" in the field.
(Note: because SDI is 0 (off), you will load ALL the drawings in the Queue into your active AutoCAD session. This is NOT a good idea, we HIGHLY recommend that you set SDI 1 by default in the "PreBatch Command" on the SETTINGS tab)

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