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How do I install a Hurricane Update/Patch?

Applying an update to Hurricane is as easy as replacing your current EXE file with the newer updated EXE.

However, there are a number of things to consider before doing this.

First: Make sure you backup your full hurricane.exe. You can do this be renaming it, or moving it to another directory, or "Zipping" it up somewhere safe.

-The "patch" file is typically much smaller (about 400Kb total) than your usual Hurricane.exe file (about 1.3Mb). The patch is smaller because all the necessary support files are missing. I will refer to these as "patch" and "full".

-You typically don't need the support files to be "checked", because you have run the "full" exe file previously, and all the support files were automatically installed, and should exist on the current PC.

However, if your current Hurricane installation located on a network drive, then any NEW users (PC has never had Hurricane run before) will note that there may be errors when run for the first time. Make sure that new users run the full exe before attempting to run a patch.

If it is, make sure that all intended users have already run the "full" install to install all necessary files, THEN have them use the patch.


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