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"Verify" the Files in Queue

This is very handy in a large office situation, where many people can be working on many files. It's a pain having a script interrupted by a drawing that is "locked", so this will give you a warning.

This feature serves two purposes.

It checks to make sure all files in your queue:

  • EXIST (cause you never know when loading a FileList), and

  • are AVAILABLE to EDIT, (i.e. another AutoCAD user isn't working on the file, which will give you an error in AutoCAD saying "file is in-use or is read-only")
  • When the check is performed, and a file is found to be either missing or "locked", a list is presented to the user and they can select to remove the offending files from the Queue, copy the list to clipboard.

    Either way, the batch script is still created, but the warning message is displayed with options for the user.

    You can access this feature in a couple of locations...

    From the Main Menu:

    From the context menu (Right click the Queue window)

    "Always verify files" upon creation of a Batch Script has been added to the "Tools -> Options" menu. The user has the option to turn this off, and only have Hurricane verify the files if they select the option from the "Queue" menu.

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