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How do I DELETE a block from all drawings?

Have you ever wanted to go through all your drawings and ERASE a particular block... maybe it was a bad title-block, or a bad company logo, or you just don't need a date/time stamp anymore.

Well, here is a handy lisp file that works excellently with Hurricane.

When you run DELBLK from the command line, then just give it the name of the block you want to blow-away. It will go through and ERASE all instances of it (very quickly too)

If you want delete a block, but don't know WHAT the name of the block is, then just select the block and type "LIST", there you should get your AutoCAD "Text Window", or scrollback buffer. And the contents should look something like this...

Command: LIST
1 found
Space: Model space
Handle = 80C
<-- This is the block name !!
at point, X= 0.0000 Y= 0.0000 Z= 0.0000
X scale factor 1.0000
Y scale factor 1.0000
rotation angle 0
Z scale factor 1.0000

From this example, the block is called DEMOBLOCK1, so this is what you would type at the DELBLK prompt when asked for the block name.

So here is an example you can cut and paste into Hurricane using DEMOBLOCK1 above... (of course you would change the name from DEMOBLOCK1 to whatever your block name is!)

(LOAD "DELBLK.LSP") (assuming delblk.lsp is in your AutoCAD path)

And say goodbye to DEMOBLOCK1... As simple as that...

NOTE: You might want to follow this script-up with a PURGE script to make sure the sucker is out of your drawing for good.

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