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When I try to run a Hurricane script, I get "Cannot Set SDI to that value".

You may see this:

Command: SDI
Enter new value for SDI <0>: 1
The SDI variable cannot be reset unless there is only one drawing open.
Cannot set SDI to that value.

What this means is that you currently have SDI set to 0, and have more than one drawing open, and are attempting to set SDI to 1.

Hurricane defaults to putting the "SDI 1" command at the beginning of it's script to allow AutoCAD to open only one file at a time, for obvious reasons!

If you are attempting to run a hurricane script and have the above, make sure you only have one drawing open (Goto AutoCAD's "Window" menu, to see the listing of currently open files). Close all files except for one, and make sure that the one you have open has had no changes made (or you can just QSAVE it)

You need EXACTLY one file open to run a script, and it must be "unedited"

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